Motherhood; A kind of Mad Courage…..Robert Fulghum (paraphrase)

     Of service, your life should be of service. Your life should be for the next guy. If you live your life only for yourself it’s never going to be enough. You are always going to want more. A bigger house a snazzier SUV. We cannot set boundaries on our own wants because it is the human condition to always want better, more, bigger. If you however dedicate our life to a specific goal of helping others in some specific fashion, IE: Gardening, Listening, Feeding, Singing…whatever your passion is share it with those who need your presence be like Mother Theresa, Mother Cabrini, Your Mother for that matter… it seems to be a feminine act of courage, to share in such a fashion. To choose distinctly,  just how or where or when you will accomplish the act of service, perhaps through an entire lifetime like Mother Theresa or perhaps with one soul at a time like any good Mother. But this nurturing attitude nurtures both the recipient and the giver. Where a lifetime filled with fulfilling our Wants is never enough. It can never fulfill our NEED for doing something we care for with a passion.

   So whether your passion is listening or feeding or singing or sewing or arguing do it to help somebody and the heavens themselves will rain blessings on you and yours. And you will feel the wonder at your own brilliant generous soul…admiring God’s good work through your own hands.

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