Why Write Now?….

I write because I have to. My physical radius is determined by a length of oxygen hose. And now my brain won’t turn off,  I always was a somewhat anxious person and now not being able to do any sustained physical activity has left me sucking air and writing or reading things that make me laugh or studying things I care about. I write because I have to.

   I can either look at this as an extended  time out, for bad behavior or as a boon, a lucky chance of a lifetime to converse with the great minds of the centuries. Or as the Wizard in “The  Wizard of Oz”  said, “think great thoughts”…I don’t know if it’s truly revelation, meditation or lack of oxygen, but I really am having the time of my life. So bear with me for as Robert Browning said  “the best is yet to be”.

One response to “Why Write Now?….

  1. Good perspective!!!

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