The foundation of America is based on “Reinventing” things…

Our very existence happened this way…we decided we’d had enough of British rule and “Re-invented” our country’s political system. Any number of people who streamed into this country (including my Irish,English,French ancestors) did so BECAUSE of the opportunity to “Re-invent” themselves.They still do, that’s why this is called “America home of the Brave”.  Perhaps we need to look at this current Depression for just what it is, a state of being. A state of being that is impossible to stop from changing into profitable times.  Just like all the other times when the Market has fallen down and bruised our collective knees this too shall pass. Because this is what we do best, Re-invent, Rebirth, Renew, Revolution, we here in America are built to withstand this economic collapse and redo our systems (financial, medical, banking, business, art, transportation) because this is what we’ve done before and will do again. And we will survive this, just as our ancestors survived their hard times to go on to build and invent and secure their children’s future. We have it in us. Because we’re built to “reinvent” we’re American.

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