Good News…your life is what you make of it!

   It is composed entirely of your choice of reactions to life’s realities. So it takes just what you were sent here with…courage, humor and strength to keep yourself content. And to laugh, love and help any others in this life to find the same decompression level of realization that humor and reality can and must co-exist in order to survive what life will throw at you.

   You get to choose which wormhole your going to follow blindly down or perhaps if you can see they are ALL wormholes to unhappiness so you can choose to stay on the surface and make the world a better place by making yourself a little better. Be happier, funnier more content with yourself. It’s not a sin to be happy. Especially it is not a sin to show children and friends just how to keep grace, kindness and laughter in times such as these, because they are all times such as these for somebody.

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