Forget Wife-Swap let’s try Presidential-Swap!!!

   Here’s a “Reality Show” worth watching! Give Obama a break and send Nader into the White House. Hmm,  I can almost hear the Bankers screaming already.   I’d love to see the “Rule Change Ceremony”. I can almost hear Ralph now…”OK, no money for Banks or failing Auto Businesses, no bailouts and don’t threaten me with Bankruptcies, just do it!” Hell, I think he’s probably one of the few that could take on these Financial Liars and call a lie a lie. He pulls no punches. Seriously, he’s the only one that doesn’t have a vested interest and can see how to set this right.

This Tim Geithner might be a good guy, but do your research. He’s vested in their culture and he’s part of the problem. Nice guy, but VESTED.  Besides, this is my illusion and I want the very best. Perhaps what we really need at this point is “Seat Belts” on the Economy. That’s what we need, a little restraint, see “Usury Laws”. These used to be on the books until Congress sold us out in 1980 and changed them and the Interstate Banking Laws.  That’s when Banks became capable of and responsible for the  as “real commodities” Fake Financial Gold Rush or Wild West attitude that “Banking” was and still is, largely UNREGULATED in selling crap financial products IE; A bad bill of goods,. Their greed has caused this meltdown, not ours.

So until the “rules of the game” (see Monopoly) have changed and the Federal Interstate Banking law are firmly in place and NOBODY is too big to fail again should One Red Cent go to these BANKING MONOPOLIES.

   That’s what we need…a Presidential Swap with a “Rule Change Ceremony” where Ralph Nader tells these guys just how they will act. He wouldn’t leave it to their better nature, they haven’t got one. And as far as Detroit, I believe he’d go for my idea (my dreams) he’d tell them no more money for failing Auto Companies, just contracts for business to supply the new Interurban systems across America to bring us profitably into a “green” public transport system. I’d just love to see this as a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.  Make Jeff Goldblum Nader and have at it with the gnarly Bankers…too funny…

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