“Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.” Aesop

First find the guy who has been untouched by the current Depression and put him in charge of straightening out this mess. Obviously he didn’t buy the  lie  about  “financial instruments” that all the other financial Brainiacs bought. Follow that Guy or Girl and trust their judgement. Not these CEO’s and Advisers who have a vested interest in believing in lies, and bad Audits to sustain their illusionary wealth. And who wants to spend more taxpayer $$’s to sustain their illusions even now when it’s clear the Emperor has no clothes?

Heads up, Mr. President  “We the people” , the same ones that are talked about in that Declaration of Independence, are not too big to fail and are doing so left and right. Get with the program and stop giving these Big guys our $$ all the way to bankruptcy court. I suspect that’s how we got into this mess…denial. Ever heard the phrase “no use in throwing good money after the bad” ?

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