What happened to Uncle Matt? Fast Women and Slow Horses…

That’s what happened to all Great Uncle Matt’s wealth, or at least that what Kate says Grandma Spellacy said. Uncle Matt was one of our many success stories. He set out on his own in what had been the family trade (working for the railroad) and rose to the top of his profession. He was a “Railroad Contractor”.  He was the guy that got all the strings pulled together and got the job done. This Go-To guy had the gumption to have a town named after him and went on to take the Railroads themselves to Court. I kind of  like that in a relative…grit. I’ve read a little bit of the articles available and it seems that these guys working the Railroad beds could be a pretty rough lot. To keep them “on track” would call for a pretty unique character and I wish I had known him. Anyway in researching that Rascal I came across a terrific website for looking up old newspaper articles, www.newspaperarchive.com seems you can look up 3 or so a day for free,you just have to sign up by giving them your email and making up a password, I’m easy…the email was free and it’s fun.  Just a great resource for looking up old family information in newspapers from long long ago. So I’m off to look up Matthew Spellacy there. To those other happy researchers have at it at; www.newspaperarchive.com just give it a try it’s too much fun to read those old articles…I just love it, what a great life, “fast women and slow horses”. I think I would have really liked Matt.   

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