Legal Murder…Perfectly Legal Murder with intent to save $$$$…

Unbelievable. I was watching a morning show with Harry Smith, I think it was GMA and he interviewed some poor soul who at 45 years old is dying quickly from C.O.P.D. he needs a double lung transplant to live. He has health insurance but it will only cover $80,000.00 of the $500,000.00 that this surgery is going to cost. They were promoting a raffle to pay for this man’s potential medical costs , they are in reality Raffling off this man chance at life.

If he makes enough money on this he has a chance of life. What kind of crap is this.

It is PERFECTLY legal to kill somebody by omission. If you are an Medical Insurance Company is perfectly legal for the insurance companies and the hospitals to deny lifesaving expensive care and to kill somebody through non or slow action and time and their tightfists. In fact it’s fairly easy as they are terminal and very tired and far less likely to fight for long before they just DIE. Or through lack of care are murdered with denial. So in effect I’m sure those Insurance companies that we must save because they’re too big to fail do not feel the same way about you and your premium paying family. Make no mistake they follow their little actuary tables that tell them just how expensive the surgery’s are and just like any other company they decide whether or not to invest in you. 

We have allowed them to control whether we live or die .

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