Family Names Mothers, grandmother,great-grandmothers…etc…etc…etc..

Lastly there is Rena May Brown Spellacy…but behind her there are at least 1,150 years of Advice, Labor, Love , Protection and Encouragement we can give a name to …Thank you to….

Grandma Margaret Kelly Spellacy, Grandma Marcella O’Toole, Grandma Honora Hartney , Grandma Mary Kelly Dawson, Grandma Margaret (Lady Darlington)Jordan, Grandma Mary Duggan Spellacy, her mother Bridgit (Delia) McMahon Duggan,  Grandma Winifred (Nell) Dougherty Brown Karnes, Grandma Myrtle DuBois Dougherty,Grandma Harriet Robinson, Grandma Urena Ticknor DuBois Babcock, Grandma Ella Mae Knapp Brown, Grandma Mary Jane McCombs Brown, Grandma Jane V. Scott McCombs,Grandma Elizabeth Marshall McCombs, Grandma Sallie Nelson McCombs,  Grandma Roxanne Ranney Lloyd, Grandma Deborah Moor Lloyd , Grandma Mary Robinson Loughead, Grandma Mary Cook Ranney,  Grandma Bridget O’Dea Doyle Hartney, Grandma Sarah Osborn Lloyd, Grandma Elizabeth Roxanna Lloyd Knapp, etc., etc, be con’t. 25 lives 25 so far Grandmothers who spent a lifetime keeping us going…as I uncover  the past and find the names I’ll update this.  25 lifetimes @ an average of 50 year lifespan = 1,250 years of babies, men, and real life adventures war, famine, peace, prosperity but most of all hope and these women had it…we are the end result of their perseverance and protection of their babies.  25 lives 1,250 years of Mom labor and delivery that results in you!

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