Great Video Autobiographies of Carlin, Gleason, James L. Brooks…

I just love the stories of the creators of the stuff I love best.  The director of “Terms of Endearment” and “As good as it gets” James L. Brooks life story, Jackie Gleason’s interviews, George Carlin interviews. You can find bits and pieces on or you can hit the Mother lode at or www.emmytvlegends.orggreat resources on personal interviews with the “Greats”, Jackie Gleason, Jim Brooks and George Carlin to name a few. 

    Oh, here’s another thing, all these men had single Moms. And they all talk about how it built a strength and stamina and freedom from fitting in that may have given them an edge. It certainly gave them the ability to move at the drop of a hat and the ability to take a chance on themselves, great stories here. Just wonderful, just right, just leading through example.

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