The Earth is an Island…

The earth is an Island. We are all here in this ocean of time and space to learn to love.

We are all Jewish

We are all Catholic

We are all Christian

We are all Islamic

We are all Buddhist

We are all human, all Irish, Croats, Puerto Rican, etc.

We are descended all from the same D.N.A. that traces back to a beautiful black woman in Africa, all Chinese, Indian, all Black ,all White, all peoples. Yellow, Red,White, Black all colors all peoples.

We were put here to finally realize that the buoyancy of love and laughter will be the only tools that enable us to survive with sanity, dignity and grace. Not color, not language, only spirit.

It can only survive on a constant diet of laughter love & acceptance. 

In reality it’s ” The family of Woman”

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