Force Railroads to go Electric and donate by public domain unused Railbeds

What say we actually utilize the idea of  “Eminent Domain” in the Publics’ interest. Say we force the Railroads to accept Electric on their property (they currently won’t allow electrical lines over their rail beds) and then have them donate unused and abandoned lines to provide green (solar, hydro, wind energy powered turbines) Interurban  read; Subway,railroad, electric train.  A feasable and clear cut way to utilize green energy, decrease co2 emissions and generate tons of sustainable employment and transportation.

    Recently (in the last 5 years) the Railroad out of Cleveland that runs through the Flats, along the lakeshore into Lakewood through the western suburbs all the way out to  Sandusky and beyond has abandoned 1/2 of it’s rail bed. They pulled up the track and left this ready set go path from Cleveland at least to Sandusky. It must run through Lorain, all the west suburbs. Imagine just getting to your railroad stop on time to get to work, no driving , no gas, no fighting the traffic , the rage , the lights, the idiots. O.K., well at least the lights. You get my idea, lets ask the Railroads (already Publicly supported and saved) what Jack Kennedy said; “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.” Hell they might even lead on this and look like they really give a damn. That’s if they don’t already have very,very,vested interest in those toxic Coal mines.

   And if they don’t (or can’t – no experience) play fair, Nationalize the bastards. You know me…If those Big guys,Utilities, Insurance, Railroads, Banks are “too big to fail” or can’t share, Nationalize them and hire us to run them. Hell, at least they won’t be run into the ground again by the “professionals”(thieves that they are).

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