Favorite new discoveries (links) on the net…

www.ted.com  ; Fascinating talks by phenomenal people.

In particular, take in Isabel Allende’s talk, “Tales of Passion” and Amy Tan’s talk, “Where does creativity hide?” both are poignant , funny, sad and not to be missed. 


 Go the the Callier library website click on the COMD  News. It’s amazing articles in research on speech, language, and hearing disorders…too cool. 

And finally, all about Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome;  VCFS. I found out about it because of astory on a morning TV show that featured Sally Quinn her husband Ben Bradlee and their son, Quinn Bradlee. This young man has a website  www.friendsofQuinn.comthat discusses this syndrome that includes Heart anomalies , learning disabilities, and other things particular to this syndrome.  Amazing stuff.

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