Walk with Dinosaurs & Magic….

               Starting May 2nd, Saturday and Sundays in May…there will be Monsters and Wild Things alive and calling out to each other throughout  the Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill area where water runs uphill and your sense of balance will be  altered. This place, through some hairline fracture in the in the TIme & Space continuum exist…It has been know to leave NASA’s top scientist baffled with their test results inside the park making no sense. Visit with your little one’s the Prehistoric Forest in Marblehead Ohio. It’s a memory they’ll treasure forever and is worth every penny. So, If you have any little ones suffering cabin fever with a love of Dinosaurs and a great story take them to “the Prehistoric Forest” and Mystery Hill of Marblehead, Ohio.  Opening May 2nd for weekends only then    It’s only open weekends through May and after Memorial Day (may25, 7 days a week)

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