I miss his kisses…

      I miss his kisses so much. People may wonder, but never ask what do you miss most with a breathing problem. You miss the kisses to die for. Because now they really are. When I first met my Hero, I didn’t realize the reason he was such a GOOD kisser was because for years he has been his always decent self and behaved himself and never pushed himself or anyone else into a early pregnancy, he made himself the specialist of the kiss. And as all older people will tell you this is the last of the arts of love and the very very most important. When we first dated with passion and joy those kisses were bottomless and frequently left me totally legless breathless and any other “less” but totally feeling totally hmmm vibratingly woman.  Just the best, my Guy. Then time and disease morphs you and suddenly you find that his great soul still loves you and all you wish is to be capable of giving him back one of those great kisses, like the one they talk about in the princess bride…a kiss that stops time. He’s so wonderful. He’s what they call in the baseball world a “natural” but in the kissing world. And I am so so lucky. But, I miss his kisses. A gentler Man there never was.

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