Amazing Gatekeepers…

You may laugh now. But if you have children you will learn quickly.

It’s that school secratary , the one who located your child’s notebook a week before finals, with all the notes for this semester in it! It’s that receptionist at the doctor’s office, the one that gets you in when your 11 year old talks of chest pain. It’s the wizard in the financial aid office. These are the real powers that be. See, it’s not important to know the big one’s if you know the one’s that keep it all running smoothly. And the best of them just don’t realize just how important they are. So, if your current gatekeeper is only a phone call away, call them, tell them just how they keep our universe intact. Because people that make the difference need to know just that. Tell them how important they really are.

It isn’t only Blanche Du Bois that,  “depends on the kindness of strangers”. The most important people are not the President or the members of Congress or any one in a  public position of power. The really important people are the Gatekeepers. These are the ones you’ll really need during life and death issues, this is the nurse that cares for your dying mom or newborn baby. These are the only people who can give you peace of mind. The utility clerk at the light company that let’s you sleep at night by giving you that extra day to get that payment in. I doubt they realize they’re keeping our lives stabilized, Thank God for them. So go steal some Lilacs , bake some cookies and make this your annual “Gatekeepers Day” and take that school Secretary or the Dr. office receptionist some fresh cookies…but I can tell  you from experience those Librarians love any Bakery! Have a bountiful appreciating day! They’ll be amazed that you thought of them and you’ll be forever grateful that they exist. The world as it should be, made possible by your own hands. Well Done!!

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