Play with your food!

I love to play with my food, have since I was a little kid getting yelled at for it. I think that’s why I love to Cook and bake. the colors of a cracked egg and the textures of Crisp Italian Bread…such aromas. The sponginess of a freshly  baked cake.  Why would God give you such great senses as noses and tongues and eyes unless he wanted you to use them.

So don’t yell at that child playing  with food. Give him a Cookbook and a Chemistry book of Experiments with lots of pictures and permission he’ll amaze you. Tell them each Saturday morning they can be the ‘Creator’ they can produce a recipe from each. If they want they can make a cake and blow it up O.K. it’s their work. But by God, let them LEARN, hands on. With their own effort. Here’s to playing and imagination and magic! Our world if filled with it.

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