Indecent to Love, Patriotic to Murder…where did we lose our way?

As shown on T.V. and commonly accepted as our United  States values…it’s indecent to show the act of love on T.V. but completely acceptable to show the horrors of sexually explicit deviant killing and planning as part of our “light fare” of TV entertainment offerings. Crime scenes and horror pushed onto the plate of millions of minds of children and teenagers with total indifference, as long as it keeps them occupied and out of our hair. Only it comes back to haunt us in Classroom shootings and multiple murderers.

 May I suggest that a daily helping of crazy for each and every child and teen is not the answer. Perhaps if we found people who liked and loved each other and showed it. Rock Solid real familys with their real problems homelessness , food, shelter, medical issues .showed how to work together thru a problem without “Insanity”.  Just by being there. What a lesson to teach. After all the drama and the tv reporters go home and the papers don’t write about you anymore there’s still somebody who loves you making your dinner washing your socks fixing the car and just generally without a drama parade making your life easier. Isn’t that what we want our kids to all have in the end a partner that is worthy of them? A life that rewards them by doing what they love and being really good and appreciated for it. Bring back the Walton’s (or Walnuts as my brother Bill used to say). Give us examples of the good stuff too. If people are bound to imitate what they see…let it be us at our best, not our worst.

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