Burn Bright…

    You must burn bright or your life and light will not be seen. So I guess you can’t be miserly in the expense of your life. For people to benifit from your having lived you have to get out there and interact, take chances, be responsible. I keep thinking how short life is. It’s as if, by the time we finally get what the question really was, we ar so far past that answer we are in another time zone. I want to shake people all the time and say, ” Don’t waste your life learning the essentials! Accept them and get on with it. Be kind, really help, don’t lie.” But I finally understand each life must face the choices and decide for themselves these basic rules that make up Life. When I was little I was very naive…I still am. I am amazed when people are different inside than I am. I am still stunned by rudeness. Not that I haven’t been perceived of as rude…this blog has  plenty of examples of that. I am simply trying to state a position as honestly as I can. No, I am amazed at rudeness that either destroys or damages another soul with INTENT. What a waste, its as if (is) that that person has no soul. They really are all show, and not much of that given our limited lifetime offer of 80 years. After that all the good or the bad that you have chosen to do will live on in ripples in other peoples lives.  And make no mistake… just because you aren’t currently walking the face of this earth doesn’t mean you won’t be fully aware of the damages that your anger greed envy have caused. Like an emotional tidal wave, these emotions bad or good (your choice) will reflect forever.

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