Retool Detroit to produce “Interurban” Trolley cars…

Forget GM, forget Chrysler…think American…think about retooling the entire Motown Industrial Grid with the ability to keep us all on the road whether we have money for gas or not. Let these new interurban systems run on solar and thermal wind whatever but not toxic fumes at ALL. This humongous transportation system would require builders, designers, maintenance men , drivers, auto workers by the thousands. And it could relive us of the toxins gas chugging poisonous cars. If you must close down the factory’s (right after another taxpayer bailout) stop producing what you can’t sell. And see the light…Cheap clean urban transportation. The old Trolley lines. Bring them back. That would answer our Economy’s problem with employment and our Enviorment’s problem with clean energy ( wind , thermal or solar) do it now. Look at this as a AMAZING opportunity to do the right thing. Go Green, and feed people good safe  life long  jobs, in the new transportation industry.

5 responses to “Retool Detroit to produce “Interurban” Trolley cars…

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  2. Hello, can you please post some more information on this topic? I would like to read more.

    • Thank You for the kind interest. Give me a few days to expando it and I’ll have it posted because of your kind interst then.

      Sheila Spellacy Follman

    • March 22, I did a piece on just that subject called.”Save the Economy, Ban the Automobile”. If you enter Ban the Automobile in the search field and then when finished reading the 1st parpagraph click on the … the full content of that entry will appear. Please take a look. I’ll also post another piece on the subject as it has generated both yours and others comments. Thank You.

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