How to furnish a “safe” house…

      Years ago I had seen this headline “How to furnish a Safe house” in the local newspaper. And just assumed that the plan my Sisters and I had talked about when we were younger finally came to light. Here’s the plan… a safe house, kind of a halfway house for runaway mom’s, where neither husband, child, lover or parent…nobody can reach you. You are safe within these four walls. You can rest here for as long as you need and nobody will be told where you  are only that you are safe. No Phone, no television, no news…just rest. My Sisters and I used to talk about  buying a house just for a escape route from our real lives. Kind of a underground railroad for Moms. Now we’ve reached the age where we talk about nursing home prices and consider buying a strip motel where at least we could hire and fire the help…boy how time changes all things.

 First to look for a place to hide out and rest in our youth and then in our later years to look for a place where we can participate and call all the shots.

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