Dads sometimes seem all seeing and all knowing…

     Years ago my Father told my two oldest Sisters, they could practice their driving skills with his car. So the girls (Maureen & Kate) proceeded to the nearest empty parking lot. It just happened to be a  Supermarket that had just closed for the day. Finding the lot near empty, with it’s only occupants being a few light poles and one old Chevy parked near the frontdoor. Well after a few turns around the lot my sister Maureen nicked the Chevy and knocked off a piece of the chrome. This was back when car’s were built to last and built with lots of chrome. Well, Kate jumped out of Dad’s beater car and reattached the chrome. 

    Little did the girls know that the Manager “Sam” had noticed the action in the parking lot and had recorded the plate # on the car. The next time Dad ventured into Fisher Foods on W117th in Cleveland,  the Manager… his buddy Sam DiAngelo asked Daddy for a favor. His car had been nicked in the parking lot …could he possibly run the plate (Dad was a Police sergeant at the time) and get back to him with the skinny on these hit an run teens? Sure enough, Dad asked one of his men to check it tout and get back to him. Later in the day he was informed, “What ! Is this some kind of a joke?!”  these are your own plates Bill, what gives? 

Needless to say , Dad made it right by Sam…and the girls would forever feel Dad had his own way of looking out for them.

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