Enough now…

Enough now, take the profit margin out of the Medical and Educational businesses. You are killing the golden goose. Nationalize the Educational Business and Nationalize the Medical Business. The current systems are letting us die in poverty of both body and mind. This can be fixed. The current privatized educational system is so corrupt from within as to be untenable for innovation and growth which is just what we need in these times. We now have the ability to teach over the Internet without instructors or overhead cost that accompany them. Perhaps a National System of Online Education that could be facilitated at individual state sites only for testing and graduation…but no more of these astronomical prices on College Educations. Let the State Board be responsible for education in that state and let the Fed’s enforce that. What a wonder would that be if we could live and learn without TUITION in this technological age. Why not?

And Medicine…Nationalize it and stop the horrendous prices that the current Medical Community uses to decide who lives and who dies. This current system is killing the people who can’t afford the coverage. They are sentenced to death effectively by our non action in letting the “Medical Community” DEMAND a certain price to save a life . That is murder.

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