Idiots on Parade…

Doctors, Politicians, Priests…My father was such a gentleman. He went for years to Doctors to treat and manage his Emphysema and other related medical problems. He was just a wonder and a very patient man. I can remember him trying to explain to impatient me (Why can’t they fix you? What’s wrong with those educated idiots?) He would look at me and explain that these “professional” were all “just Practicing” that what they call the practice of law, medicine and a few other alchemical tricks to us lay people, “practice’.  I guess the mistake is that early on we begin to defer to and to expect these guys to have all the answers, then we can never ever forgive them if they don’t. Then occasionally you’ll run into one that (ok more that occasionally more like most often) thinks they are a god and incapable of either admitting a mistake or correcting a bad course they’ve taken. So of couse it just makes me mad that these guys pretend that they with the with their combined hundreds of years of education and practice they have all the answers and then still don’t to win in the end. They are supposed to be respected and honored while they (just like us) grope about for the rhyme and reasons of this life.  I guess its just the pisser of a realization that the experts really don’t have a clue. So now when I turn on the tv or read or meet a Minister or a Priest or a Lawyer or a Doctor I am immediately pissed. Just by their very existence. Anyone who thinks they have the answers is a LIAR. Both to themselves (fools) and to you.  So realize the original premise is correct “one life to a customer’. It’s yours, body mind and soul.

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