We see only the “Visable Light Spectrum” we miss EVERYTHING else.

Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.              Sir Arthur Eddington

Not only is the Universe stranger than we imagine; it’s stranger that we CAN imagine.                            Sir Arthur Eddington 1882-1944

**It just occured to me, that if we could really see the entire electromagnetic spectrum we would probably be “blinded by the light” of seeing everything and totally unable to do anything.So here in our tiny world were we only “see” a tiny percentage and can only “hear” a tiny percentage and we all know we only use a tiny bit of our brain . Is it no wonder that we screw up so royally in working, surviving and trying to love each other. Christ, even the brightest of us humans is working with so very little. 

There are some things that I know are TRUE.

1. All People love to be loved, and admired.

2. All People love to be liked.

3. All People need each other.

4. When you smile at a person it instintivly makes them want to like you. 

5. Our “feelings” are another way of seeing, sometimes far more accurate than our poor eyesight and our tiny brain, our intuition is that part of us that gets it no matter what reality states.

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