About Priorities…

I can remember one time when my adolescent twins and I were living in our tiny little house in Lakewood. It was a payday and my daughter Susan and I were off the the Mall in search of a particular item. I can’t remember what it was, only that it required going to the mall to pick it up. Well we finished our task and I looked at my girl and we had $100 left. Twice I figured it out, and twice I came to the amazing conclusion that I had made a mistake on our weekly budget and there was $100 extra. This NEVER happened. So suddenly I’m standing in the middle of  this huge Mall with money to SPEND. It was simply too much for my brain. I went into overload…I realized I had to spend this immediately. It was a foreign entity in my life ….something totally a kilter in my world. I looked quickly to my daughter and asked “Sue, when’s your brother’s birthday?”    She responded,” Ma…..I’m a Twin”.

   Obviously, the extra money had pushed me over the edge… too much for my tiny brain. In talking to my son 20 years later about using this real life adventure that has delighted so many people, it occurred to me that must have been pretty hurtful to have your own Ma forget your birthday, even if for only moment. But he responded, “Are you kidding, you finally have a little left over and you think of me first! Use it Ma, it’s great. ” Perspective…whether it be of years or the realization of a souls intent, can be amazing.

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