Pork Chops Stories….

1st)    I can remember my sister Therese stopping my sister Mary Ellen at the back door and pleading with her…”Please, anything for a pork chop, my 1st born, my car anything! I just need something to chew! Please, meat I NEED meat!”    She had at the time been on a enforced steady soft diet of Casseroles, Jello and Ice Cream and about any other food that wouldn’t require teeth as my Father had two weeks previously had oral surgery and had had removed his last remaining teeth, and while he insisted on cooking daily for his hardworking girls He was serving all soft food covered in Campbell soup.     But they had reached their combined limit. And while both were hesitant to ask Dad to change them menu in any way (they knew just how lucky they were), the fact that he would cook for dinner for them after a hard day of work. But they simply couldn’t face another noodle, grain of rice or Mashed anything.

2nd)    I can remember my sister Mary coming home from one of the “Liquor Dogs” softball games, laughing like crazy when usually just having to get to one of those early games was enough to drop our girl. Anyway she was howling. It seems that someone in the peanut gallery (a future brother-in-law it turns out) had yelled and yelled at those girls out there in left field half sober and just being burned to a crisp and then the final insult…”Christ, ya missed it AGAIN! I’ll bet if it was a PORK CHOP you’d have caught it!”  as per Matt Smith, our hero and baseball’s best friend.

3rd.)    My daughter coming home after having dinner at a friend’s house. “Mom, they had these wonderful things called pork chops, we really should try them.”  ….hmmmm I can hear you saying, what kind of a mother was she? Good, I just didn’t like pork and didn’t like to fry things because I always burned myself. So bacon and pork were revelations to this kids.

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