Breathing Under Water…

In this lifetime there is only so much breath, so much for each and every person. Sometimes when I can’t catch my breath I will drink water (H2O). I can imagine that the water is really liquid air and I am really getting a lot of it at once. That calms me, and slows my breathing. But something scary is beginning to happen. Sometimes when I can’t breathe I can feel it in my hands first. It is a painful ache that travels up my arms. I think it is also very frightening to a person who can’t breathe to lose control and start crying. This seems to require unlimited  of oxygen. Both to produce tears and to keep the lungs clear of the fluids your face and lungs suddenly have to deal with. Oddly enough once you do start crying, there is a feeling of relief.  Almost a forced deep breathing that normally is impossible without bringing on a coughing fit. Perhaps it is because with the tears comes relaxation. Because by crying you have given up. You don’t struggle after you find you can’t stop them, you just let the storm come and wash it all away…

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