I just had to click off the TV. I am always amazed at that vast wasteland that passes for American TV. On Rachel Ray there was a series of make-overs of busy Moms. Just confirming that what we value is their outside mask and make sure the little ones see that’s what we value, bring them on the stage and let them see Mommy cry because she is so moved that the world finally accepts her and finds her attractive.  How much more precious to make that tired young mom realize that what she teaches her (especially girl) children now about accepting themselves good or bad will make their very souls at ease in a world that you can’t make like you. You just can’t focus on the surface. It’s simply like starving your child of the very thing they need, unconditional love. We and the children both, have to honor and promote a world where character is the coin of the realm, not your ability to modify your mask. 

What a gift! You want a gift…give your children the ability to see themselves as beautiful with or without the mirror. Make sure they have the intelligence to see beauty in all things, like the spoken word the soft colors of an old woman’s hair and skin, the terrible awkward beauty of a adolescent who’s legs and arms seem to be stretching out to take in the universe or The tired worn cozy smile of a Mama who recognizes herself in her children. Or wonderful writing. This is beauty. Other things, not just looking at yourself. Realizing it’s not all about you…what a amazing and beautiful sentiment is that ? 

 A child should be taught and we should remember that knowing their character is so much more important in the length of this life than the right coat or shoes or anything else.  After all, what is the point of this life? Is it  just pleasing others eyes or doing great things? A person should find value in our limited lives by doing great things. Important things. Draw, teach, act do…don’t just look into a mirror. How can life be lived just looking in a mirror and guessing what others think about you? What a waste…living your life guessing what others care about or think…but I venture to say Millions have. Don’t you. Don’t waste another minute. And when it comes to your children, give them a true love of  this life by letting them love themselves uncondionally 1st, and then others for all their moles or errors all we have is each other.  

Do you want to spend 18 years of your life making your children understand the herd and how to change your colors to stay with them or do you what to raise a Soul strong enough to lead, because they have enough character to stand on their own two feet and feel good about themselves, and they truly understand the actual concept of beauty is based on differences not similarities…

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