Things that go bump in the night…

My dear Mr. Ralph Ruda, I think about you nightly. Because you’ve introduced a Golem into at least 6 peoples lives.

I was robbed at Gunpoint while working in your Sleep Inn Motel in Port Clinton.

I was strapped up with Duct tape and told I would be shot and made to kneel and feared a bullet through my brain because of you.

And now four years later, every now and then at night I find I tremble with things that go bump in the night… like that sound the robber guy made while jumping the desk while I was in the back room folding towels. Bump…

And I’m up for all hours…thinking about you…

This same robbery had occurred a few weeks prior at one of your other Motels locations out here by Cedar Point and yet no one was told, no precautions were made, none still are. Those clerks will be robbed as sure as rain. And you’ll be at fault as sure as rain because YOU could prevent it but choose not to. You’re a Rotter. You are the WORST. You know this will happen and you choose to put your own people and customers in harms way. Bump. 

And your choices, You chose guests convenience over our safety.  There are Safety-Card activated doors that you never use at any of your Motel locations. With INTENT, you continue to put the desk clerks lives in peril, and if they live through the burglary, they face the horrors of many nights to come. You have caused horror in peoples lives with intent, do you hear that now… Bump.

I know there was a robbery identical to mine 3 months prior in Sandusky at the Super 8 you own there. I know that had the same m.o., jumping the desk while the clerk was in the back, dressed in all in black, ski mask and handgun…YOU COULD HAVE PREVENTED MY TERROR. ..Bump.

but you didn’t… so now I think about you… And I think about those things that go bump in the night.

When I was told that by our local Ottawa County Sheriff’s Dept that this identical robbery had occurred, I went to Perkins Township and asked for a copy of that Police Report (what I thought was public record) and the little pompous ass that passes for the law in that unfortunate township that includes the drive up to Cedar Point told me I’d have to have my lawyer request it. He wouldn’t give me a copy. Absolutely refused. There at the same time was a reporter for the local paper sitting in the lobby area looking at me like “didn’t I know the score?”, you are a big shot out here because the tourist business is the only livelihood…what if those tourists realized how UNSAFE your Motels are? No Security, No locks on the doors.

 I just wonder if you have locks. I wonder if you use them?     Bump…

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