The Bryan Effect #2

     I can remember one time racing down Route 53 with Bryan in tow. He was in the front passenger seat of our GMC van, of which the G had finally fallen off. The M and the C had long since fled the scene. This thing had about 168,000 miles and refused to die.   We were coming from the library in Fremont with a zillion free books and DVD’s and had had a side trip to the ‘Dollar Tree”. A store he just loved to go to and would always pick things up in duplicate. He only bought certain things, Bags of chips, small chalkboards, packages of magic markers, crayons, but always in duplicate. Anyway we were heading north going toward Port Clinton and racing along at the posted speed of 55 miles an hour.

     The place where the miracle occurred is right past the “On Ramp”, for the the turnpike. But it’s a straight shot, no bends in the road. The day was clear and dry but there are these giant culverts on each side so any sudden maneuvers have to take these ditches in consideration.  Just as we passed the only Gas Station in the area a tanker truck was on the apron of the gas station just trying to get into the crowded station and blocked the view of the other side of the drive. As I sailed past I hoped that the car I had noticed moseying up to the side of the tanker would stay in place and had seen me.

   She didn’t. That tiny little white car wanted to be the death of me. She looked at me and popped out of the driveway and smack dab right in front of me. Time stopped. I realized we would hit NO MATTER WHAT. I glanced at Bryan and he was still singing our silly song. We had, the two of us come up with a Bizarro World chorus for “Old MacDonald’s” Farm” that had all his favorite characters from Road Runner Meep meeping to all his fav’s from Merrie Melodies showing up for lunch at Old MacDonalds’…ala Foghorn Leghorn, with a “well son; here and a well son, there”, You get the idea, Bryan was totally unaware of our impending hit. So I knew in that instant I had to cut the wheel and take the hit on my side because I could see it coming, I could brace myself. So, I cut that wheel as hard as I could towards the culvert and then just as suddenly tried to straighten the van out and found myself on the other side of a two lane 55 mile per hour highway. After we didn’t hit and I had straightened out the wheel I could see the cars fanned out far behind us stunned and askew just slowly coming along gingerly watching us. I know they fully expected the van 1st to be hit hard and then failing that to tip over after these Acrobatics. I was still stabilizing the van when I realized that Bryan was still singing, so I looked at him and  felt calm. No jitters , no aftershocks like you usually get after a life threatening incidents.  So I slowly joined him in song…With a Meep Meep here, and a Meep Meep there…Road Runner was always his favorite. What a miracle, no accident, no aftershocks of adrenaline inspired jitters…just the calm happy Bry singing softly. Life’s a wonder. And I’m so glad he was in mine.

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