Energy, why wait? …

      Things that make you go huh?…

    Now I know I’m no rocket scientist, but why are we waiting millions of years for oil to pop out of the ground…only to fight to the death over it? And why do we play “let’s make a deal” with our cash and our childrens lives (our soldiers), and our very future?  

   Why do we do this daily, when there are tremendous amounts of energy (YES ENERGY) released from the core of the Earth, that nobody ever catches when it is released and flung into oblivion of our atmosphere and then space. Meanwhile back here on Earth we fight and die daily for teeny bit of OIL sucked expensively from the earth.

 Why don’t we capitalize on the energy created by the volcano in Alaska or the earthquake in Bombay Beach, California today?

  Why are we waiting millions of years on oil? Why don’t we plug into the earth now? There must be a way to bring safely to the surface controlled amounts of thermal energy like they do in Iceland. We live on a eternally producing always available FREE power plant.  What the hell is wrong with us fighting over crude oil when we have unceasing energy at our feet…literally.

After all necessity is the Mother of Invention…right?

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