Save the Economy…Ban the Automobile

Let’s give both your lungs and the unemployed fellow next door a chance at permanent employment that won’t kill him. What if the unemployed auto worker/ car supplier (windshields etc.) suddenly had a chance at a lifetime employment with full medical benefits. Ban the Automobile from United States Streets.

 Instead saving the Banks that won’t give you a loan… or the Insurance Companies (Medical, life, auto)  that rob you when you really need them to come through. How  about if we take those VERY funds and build a modern era of Solar powered Trolley Cars/Interurbans, based on the same lines that existed earlier before cars came along . But modified and enhanced to address the changes  in population movement. And as far as “handicap access” let only the Government  Electric cars be capable of moving the Handicap free of charge to and from the Trolly’/Interurban lines that have it’s own handicap access area on each transport.

Well, we would be killing two birds with one stone. The Air pollution and the lack of exercise suffered by most Americans. Plus the building and maintenance of such a HUGE endeavor would undoubtedly employ thousands no… hundreds of thousands more people for a much longer time than the 1,2, or 3 bailouts of the same failing huge companies that produce a relic of a product that has put us in harm way. 1st by making us dependent upon foreign oil and moved billions of dollars that could have been used for feeding the Poor, developing the Cure for Cancer, supporting Education those billions have been consistently eaten up by oil company research on the TAXPAYERS DIME!!! No more. Just say no, write , call and fax your local politicians that we need massive steady employment NOW. Ban the Automobile that has put us in this very breathless, and poor unemployed condition! 

Don’t dismiss this out of hand. I don’t know if you have any radical bright ideas but I have a feeling that ALL are welcome in this dire time. And that none of the players seem capable of playing their parts…Banks lending…Auto Employers employing or God forbid, Insurance Companies EVER doing the right thing besides picking up their premiums, and NOT paying out on your health, life, auto, car, boat whatever insurance polices. Your need never fits their dictates. So you never collect on the state enforced need to be insured anyway. 1st they deny your medical claim…then they tell you you’re not covered for that particular Storm on your house insurance…or your Son’s transplant isn’t covered. Or Mom’ Chemo coverage is over. Let’s make it OVER for those guys.  I’m not insuring THEM anymore or the Rotten Automaker that have made a bad car for years now, and polluted the very air I breathe. If you want to really get serious, this requires working with LARGE ideas as the “old lies’ just won’t cut it anymore. No more “Toxic Assets”, if you want toxic assets buy all the houses from their Owners, not the loans from the banks. Get the Owners out from under, the ones that are unemployed and need the sale, not the loan officer who made a deal with the devil. Help the little Guy, no more nets for the big guy. Don’t fix a broken financial system with more confidence games ( read financial instruments); con games and bunko. By doing so, your trying to make a shell game good. It won’t work. The consequences are already disastrous for the little guy. You can’t scare him anymore saying the big guys are too big to fail. He’s already failed and he know it won’t kill them. It hasn’t him, he’s just living daily in agony.

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