Bunny Slippers #3

       One evening just after I had finished my appointed tasks and sat down to read the early edition paper that was so thoughtfully dropped off each evening about 4 am I heard a sound of a door closing and I came out of my cubbyhole to see an elderly couple coming in. Him with his arms protectively around a little lady trying to keep her upright from the snowy outside into the desk to check in. They were really exhausted and because of his alarm about his wife’s well-being,  I put them in the closest handicapped room 1st and had him return to check in at the desk afterward.

       When he came back to the desk I had waiting for him a little tray of doughnuts and coffee, some fruit and whatnot. Things that were usually offered a little later in the early morning as our “Continental Breakfast”. But I was sure by the looks of it they could use it now. It had been a long and taxing drive on this elderly couple, snowing something fierce and they had never planned 1st to be on the road at that time of night and lastly to stop but were trying to get home when his wife  just got to tired to go any further.  

     He was so moved by that simple little tray. Here they had been on the road for hours and were exhausted…and that little tray just made them so happy. Go figure, a little hot chocolate and coffee and some food, it just startled me how little it takes to be kind to these elderly people who’ve lived through the depression, war and enough hard times already. Just like every one of us, they were more prepared to deal with rudeness than a little kindness, it leaves us struck dumb.

 When he could respond, he was tremendously gracious and his wife even called the manager the following day to note my assistance. I guess what startled me was their profound reaction, how silly does this world have to be when a simple act of kindness is considered amazing?

 Rudeness, not kindness should be startling. 

       **GOOD IDEA      **If you ever stay overnight in a hotel that offers “Continental Breakfast” surprise your sweetie, and take the plastic tray that they usually have under the Ice Bucket in your room and in the AM and fill it with Coffee and doughnuts and a paper and go back to your room till checkout. It’s a wonderful quiet way to have breakfast in your room, so only one person has to face the dining area.  And you’ve bought them a lovely breakfast in bed.

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