The loaves the fishes and the light bill…

I am mostly amazed to have survived the winter intact. And what a winter, the economy in shreds; Layoffs to the right of me Bankruptcies to the left. I just find it amazing that we managed to keep the lights on all winter (borrowing from Peter to pay Paul). Spring appeared this morning at 7:44 am and I have never needed it more. And after playing let’s make a deal with the light company, I’m off to the Dollar Store to find seeds to start for the Garden, we’ll surely need every little bit of help we can get and putting in a vegetable and flower garden is one way you can help yourself. And I’m the lucky one, my husbandstill works everyday. That great soul has even found a part time job, splitting wood. I think I’ll start calling him  “Rail Splitter” just like they called Abe Lincoln… and just as kind and humorous. But I’ll start those flats of seed inside today. I suggest you do the same. I’ll guarantee you some wonderful meditation time, working out in the garden and supply you with a place to let your mind wander this spring summer and fall all while putting you in a zone of meditation and great vegetables. If you get a chance there’s a tiny little tomato called “Sweet One Hundred”, about the size of a grape and as sweet as can be. Put one plant in and you really will have at least 100 grape sized tomatoes. Beautiful, they come right into November.

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