Women…and survival

    I can remember a time when my sister Margaret and I visited the Western Reserve Historical Society. At that time they had a “Conestoga Wagon” on display. She was too funny. She peeked into the back of the box on wheels, and stated most of her Sisters would definitely have arrived in California as Widows. As we would have to kill the man  that put us into that box and forced us to leave our family. I’m sure a great many “Voluntary” Widowed Women arrived in the Old West (Ah well, that’s the polite way to put it.) I sometimes wonder if it really wasn’t the strength of the Cowboys and Ranchers that conquered the West. It was just some really angry, lied to and ticked off  Women. Women who with a couple of kids to take care of were past pretensions. They and their remaining children would survive, no matter what. It occurs to me it wasn’t  “Man”  that conquered this continent, it was those really aggravated and Tired Moms and Wives.

   Tired & Angry Women can come up with some really good schemes, and I am sure would make short work of a quick murder. After all, lose a few babies, be disappointed by a couple men and you could find yourself taking out a Indian or two at will. No, the Indians need never have feared the white man, but he should have run for the hills when he spotted that delicate little flower of his called a “Wife”. She that would survive him by 20 years.  This doll would conquer the Continent, burying babies, children and husbands by the score. This little thing  who would give us the history of the Wild West as she would have it. But not the way it was. Bunch of Church Ladies…AKA; Survivors. 

It just occurred to me, that you sitting there reading this…are undoubtedly the child of one of these Women… as surely as I am.

Because if  you think of it, your very existence is explained by the fact that your very bloodline goes back  to the beginning of time. You are descended from a line of  Women who survived every attempt by this Earth AND her fellow Man to kill her and hers…fire, famine, war, pestilence…you are the stuff of Survivors and Stardust so act like it.

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