Teaching with Wonder or Blowing Bubbles…

     I am sitting here…blowing bubbles, literally blowing bubbles. I found at the Dollar store, a great bubble toy for kids. But I had the good sense to keep it. I have c.o.p.d. and whenever I get a yen for a cigarette or feeling a little blue I haul out the bubbles. It’s magical. This particular wand makes bubbles about 4-5 inches in diameter and I’ll just naturally adjust my breathing to control the size of the bubble. So it’s my little “Inhalation Therapy”, sans the Doc’s or Therapist. So much better for the body and soul not to be in a medical setting. It’s the appropriate setting for super relaxed meditation.

    At one point I got so into these bubbles that the little one who lives upstairs (it’s a duplex) started up a conversation on bubbles with me. He stated he could make bubbles without a wand and wanted to show me how to make them with my hand and dishwashing soap. Well if you are very careful and get the ratio of dish soap to water just right you can make and blow bubble sans the wand with only your hand. And it is beautiful and peaceful and that  kid’s a genius. His Dad was so amazed when he showed him how to do it, it was as if he was really seeing his son for the first time in a long time. His son the Inventor, not just another plate around dinner table.

   After years of taking care of them it’s really hard to think of them without thinking of the tasks in keeping them together 1st. So when you finally do it’s usually an ambush situation where their Teacher or their buddies or another Parent tell you what a phenom you’ve raised. Never realizing that child you’ve sent out into the world each day has it’s own agenda, friends, happiness and sadness. To finally see your child as a separate entity with great friends and other adults that admire them is a shock. I mean you as a parent always knew your Daughter/Son was the best, but you really didn’t expect the world to get it.

   This little one’s fascination new no bounds when it came to Bubble questions and he wondered aloud if it were possible to make a bubble big enough for a person to stand in. Well it was getting late and he went back upstairs to bed, and I continued to sit outside and ponder his question. The next morning found me at the Dollar Store, picking up a kiddie pool then off to Wal-Mart for a small Hula hoop and two giant containers of Bubbles then onto a hardware store for some heavy bendable wire. When I got home I fashioned two handles for the  hula hoop. Then I filled the little pool with enough water to cover the bottom and added the bubbles and some dish soap till I got the mixture “Just right”. Then I gently placed the hoop in the tiny pool and gently pulled up…sure enough a HUGE bubble, big enough for the little one upstairs to fit into appeared. After about a half hour of playing with the stuff I emptied the pool into a pail, then into gallon containers and went and knocked on the upstairs door. The Dad Mark answered. I explained quietly to him the gizmo and left it with him for the boys to play with later.I couldn’t help but think what if playing with those bubbles one  of these guys gets interested in Physics…not the nut and bolts but the wonders of the world. I think most people don’t realize that the very things that make a kid go “Huh?” is the same stuff that has spurred on great inventors. So play with your Children…especially experiments. Even if it’s only bubbles or the effects of Baking Soda. And have great fun. That’s how to teach, Put them in bubbles as big as they are.

***by the way, I’ve decided that I have a better life than any Rockefeller probably ever had. Definatly much better than Madoff’s, I’m sure these guys went to bed nightly wondering and worrying about their money and security. Not me. Seems as if once your kids are raised and you’ve found the love of your life that nothing can really touch you. I feel like a gingerbread man who got away. Just blowing bubbles and laughing in delight at how wonderful they are, they occasionally they get these great paisley color things going on inside when the light hits them right and occasionally they’ll blow back and break on me and make me laugh. I love it, my bubble meditation. Puts things in perspective.

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