Gay Parents and Adoption…

   The most important thing you can learn in this life is the ability to love.  I have always believed that love is blind, love does not judge, love does not calculate, love does not question.What’s that called?

      ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”. The only real thing a child needs in this life. You can add all the other “things” you want, but this is the only thing they really need besides food. You must feed the body and soul. And well.

Regardless of your sex, color, creed whatever your particular limits as a human are…to love any human being more than you love yourself is a miracle. Whenever you suddenly find yourself capable of that ability to selflessly care for another MORE than you do yourself. This is a Miracle.  This is Love.

    I have always believed the most precious and only real gift we can show our children is the ability to love. And this we can only share by showing the example. How ironic that the children who need that lesson most, those who ‘s own biological parents the State has determined are incapable of this behavior are restricted in their chance at a life filled with love an support. Restricted by the very same State acting in the same judgemental withholding behaviour of the original Parents by restricting the adoptive parents to a unreal and unhealthy standard that is truly never achieved by Human families but most of all by those with the abilty to love unconditionally.

   Sometimes I think it’s only those that have suffered “trying to fit” into Society’s particularly precise and hurtful answer to normal that realize what true acceptance and love is. At least they have a better chance of performing what the Good Lord called for when he asked that we  judge not lest we be judged”.

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