Things that make you go hmm….

Cochlea;   The Inner Ear,  a spiral shaped fluid filled bone, necessary to hearing, from the Greek word kokhlias = Snail. 

All communication starts with vibration. The very effort of speech is the result, of air forced over vibrating vocal chords pushed (vibrated) through our lips and received by the other persons ear in the Cochlea.  A fluid filled, spiral shaped bone. That trembles with the vibrations we have just sent out. All communication T.V., Satellite, Telephone, telegraph are based on vibration. So even, is a Elephants communication, they can hear on much different scale than Humans. Seismic tones, lower tones that are neither heard nor felt by Humans. Same with all the wildlife that evacuated before the Tsunami hit years ago. The fact is that vibration remains one of the main sources of communication here in this time and in this place. Rather like our ability to see only a limited section of the light spectrum, once again we are working with our own natural born limitations when it comes to hearing, capable of hearing only within a certain range.

You must admit it makes all our feeble efforts at hitting the “right note” seem pretty lame.

So, when that rare occasion occurs where we speak and are heard and UNDERSTOOD it is a miracle.  

Show a little kindness and understanding to those souls that still make the attempt to communicate with you. 1st it’s a miracle that they can see you and understanding your limitations still try to make you hear them.

But mostly be KIND, for even with all your learning you are only beginning to percieve your own limitations, and that is the most valuable lesson of all.

You are limited also. And will always be. It’s the human condition. So be kind to your fellow fumblers.

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