Bunny Slippers;Tales of a Night Desk Clerk #1

   For awhile I worked nights at a local motel, working nights behind a desk can feel remarkably like doing jail time (um, not that I would know…). But, I found some great story material. It was almost like being witness to the real ‘Twilight Zone” on a nightly basis. And my respect for the Desk Clerks of the world now knows no bounds, as they are on the front lines on a rather seedy world but they view it from that peculiar dimension of being in stir behind that desk.

   The Naked City er, I mean the naked Cindy;

One evening as I pondered weak and weary, having just finished washing the entry room floor of my”Sleep Inn” location,  and completing the task of washing, drying and folding about 3 gazillion sheets and towels, I was surprised but not amazed to look up and find a naked and sad blonde lady. She had just stepped out of her room for a moment, she said and didn’t realize the door would close behind her. She didn’t want to call the room and awaken her better half. Hmm I say…I didn’t ask Why, When,Where or Who. Although I’m sure naked people fairly float around here at 3am I had never witnessed one in the flesh before. Literally I’d rather see a ghost. I donated (regretfully) one of the freshly laundered sheets and escorted that little doll back to the room she had signed up for.

   We only had pause for a moment…when I had asked her at the desk for some form of identification. I then realized the futility of my request, and when I stopped laughing I assured her that anybody would be thankful to awake next to such a thoughtful wonderful person as herself. Her snuffles ceased as I walked her back to her room.

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