Bunny Slippers #2

 The Suicide Room, or “Happy New Year!”

   I started the New Year of 2005 with a bang. I had been scheduled to work that evening from 3am to 7am. Management had decided that since somebody had to work the holiday, the shift would be shared by both shifts of people half and half. So while I normally started at 11pm on New Years Eve I started at 3am. I came in only to find my co-worker “Marco”, the only guy I ever worked with at a motel, sailing out the door rather hurriedly saying “Happy New Year”, and gone gone gone he was. Leaving only a trail of smoke behind him.  The next thing I knew, the Sheriff’s Office was on the phone wanting to know If I wanted to press charges. While I realize leaving in a huff is pretty rude I didn’t believe it was actionable. No, they stated they had the Guy that had broken out that window and done all that damage to the room and did I want him charged?

 Please hold, said I. 

 I proceeded to check the guest register for this Wacko’s name and room number then connecting the dots…er drops… followed the trail of blood from the rear parking lot all the way up to the room. The door was ajar the wind howling in and the window half broken out, blood & broken liquor bottles everywhere. I was amazed this fool still lived. I told the Sherriff’s Office, “Book Him, Danno!” and I’d have the Manager call them back. She was there in about a half hour, and helped me clean the room. Tossing bottles and wiping up blood, as we cleaned we talked about how this Idiot who had done this had failed in numerous ways,  1st the bathroom where cut his wrists, obviously not deep enough, because then he took a hold of a chair next to the bed and tried to break out the unopenable 2nd floor windows. He got the window half out but was either too big or too drunk to toss himself out the window. This guy just had no luck at all, and an eating disorder.

      So, this is the stuff your local desk clerk deals with so the next time you sign in show a little respect and perhaps take a box of chocolates.

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