This piece was written some time ago, but I just love it’s meaning.

August 13, 2006

I went out to put some library books in the car early this morning about 6;30 a.m., I figured I would return them later in the day, when I noticed the the Van windows had been left open overnight. The Windshield looked as if it was covered with frost. What a surprise. I am always amazed at just how soon we forget what a few small changes in weather can bring to the unprepared. It turned out that it wasn’t frost but dew. It had accumulated overnight both inside an outside the windshield. Our apartment is just a little ways from the lake. When we first moved here, both my beloved and myself were stunned when Spring came ( we moved in the cold of March ) and the food chain called “life” started up. First were the Spiders, followed by the Mayflies or Junebugs or Canadian Soldiers or whatever. Then just when you figured it couldn’t get any weirder, the fish started surfacing near the shore and roiling around like they were possessed. They were. By sex…that’s how they procreate. Yikes, what I had thought was going to be a relaxing calming place (you know, wind and waves the whole bit) turned into an ongoing battle for life. I can recall a former brother-in-law of mine being trapped inside the Lakeside Shower house in the middle of the night by a goon squad of Skunks, they literally held him at bay, he had to call the police on his cell phone to get himself out of there. I’m sure that once they stopped laughing he became a legend in their “weird calls category” but they rescued him. If I had known then what I know now, I would have just called it a family reunion. But even with all these warnings and observations I am always amazed by the tenacity of life here on the Marblehead Peninsula. Well after five years I’ve reconciled myself to not freaking out everytime I walk into a Spiderweb or see a fish act like an acrobat or mistakenly wear white during Mayfly season, and look like the amazing Bearded Bee Guy.

   The point of this story was to be the webs I found between the flowers and the amazing strength they offer. I had planted some Dollar Store flower seeds (3 for a $1.00) this year and boy did they take off. I have Sweet Peas, Babybreath, Lavender, Cosmos, Geraniums and Marigolds fighting it out there in the little flower patch. There’s no rhyme or reason so I can’t call it a garden. But the Spiders love it and the flowers love them. Even one of the Weeds has come into helping these tall (the Cosmos are going to be 4 ft) flowers stay upright. Between the Morning Glory crawling all over the place and twinging around all the tall plants and stringing them together and the spider webs engineering skills, I believe that with minimal interest on my part this patch will be O.K.  This Flower Bed, requires little or no effort from me. So I just admire it in the early morning because then the light hits at just the right angle and it changes every moment and suddenly I can see how these things are all interconnected and don’t really need me to come in and root out the weeds. Even the weeds tha survive are surving a purpose. I love the garden because it shows me just how little I can really see. It has reminded me that we humans can only SEE something if it RELFECTS LIGHT. If it doesn’t REFLECT LIGHT it simply doesn’t exist to us. We may suspect it’s presence but we cannot verify it. I take great comfort in that in a world where so many terrible and purposeless tragedies happen daily in our tiny lives. If I can only “Spy with my Little Eye” things that happen to catch the light, Good Lord, I’m sure that I and just about everyone else is sorely limited in this world we do see. Somewhere, I once read that we can only percieve 30% of the light hitting the earth, the rest is ultraviolet or other kinds we humans cannot see.Somewhere else I saw that we only use 5% of our brain, Such a limited view and comprehension we Humans have. It’s no wonder that we screw up so much as we stumble through this life. But it sure makes the really amazingly good Human look pretty wonderful.Maybe they’re looking at this world with both their Eyes AND their Hearts, using all their abilities to comprehend it, our world.

I take comfort in Shakespeare’s Hamlet statement, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

In fact I’m counting on it.

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