Playing by the rules…

    Just another Story Idea…It occurred to me that since nobody else is “playing by the rules” perhaps it’s an idea for the nice people of the world to start doing that by showing everybody else how to do it.

     Here’s an idea…what if that Group Home that was just about to close due to loss of State and Federal Funds put their Clients on a Bus and tooled over to whatever Bank hasn’t yet closed it’s thieving doors and armed each and every one of the Clients with an empty firearm and then marched them into the bank and lined them up and them each stating, “This is a stick up”. Wouldn’t they suddenly qualify as suspects in a felony (federal offense, much nicer prison) count (federal prison, 3 squares a day and heat). 5 years for using a firearm, Not bad if the object is to keep them warm, fed and housed securely through this financial mess. Maybe this playing by the rules only matters if you can make the RULES work for you. Just a thought.

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