That Flintstone car….

   I can still remember sailing through “Pat’s Party Mart” in Port Clinton and being profoundly grateful as Pat stood there with a puzzled look on her face and silently waved as I cruised through her Drive Thru beverage store. My brakes had failed, this time after just leaving the library and slowly approaching a traffic light in front of Pat’s PartyMart, rather than hit the car stopped at the traffic light I had turned into Pat’s. But then Pat stepped out of her side door and stopped as if to take a request from me as I rolled into and through the drive thru. I was searching for a way to stop the forward motion of my car. I had downshifted, turned off the ignition, done everything short of putting my foot out the flipping door ALA Fred Flintstone when finally I was greeted by a huge Railroad Embankment that rose about 30 feet in front of me at the rear of Pat’s parking lot, I slowly rolled into the embankment, hit it gently and bounced off and rolled to a silent stop. After collecting  my thoughts and whatever change I could find in the car I proceeded back into Pat’s to ask if I could use her phone to call a tow truck, and of course as I was feeling lucky buy a lottery ticket. Before the tow got there Pat suggested perhaps I had just had a pretty lucky incident. I suspect she was right, but force of habit won out and I bought the ticket and lost anyway. But Istill felt pretty lucky!

     The tow truck came and all ended up well. I’ve been back to Pat’s once since then to take her some cookies by way of saying thanks for the use of her phone, and I suspect everytime she sees me she recalls thankfully having  the common sense to just wave as I rolled by.

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