Ask, but follow your Heart…

   My daughter called recently to get my advice. After I picked the phone and myself up from off the floor, (she usually advises me she’s calling for a friendly ear but NO advice!) , she continued with her explanation. “Mom, she said; You’ve had more cars than anybody I know.” (now this is saying a lot..her Father my Ex collects beaters.) I just use them then dump them, literally…to death. Once that car has appeared in my driveway it’s ticket is PUNCHED. No Collector can save it. It will be run to the ground. Forget the testing tracks all these Automakers show on T.V. Let me have them for one good Ohio winter and those cars will never NEVER make warranty. Anyway back to my story, she called and actually wanted my advice. Should she repair her vehicle to the tune of 500-1,000 dollars @ 170.000 miles or should she invest in a good new “used” car. Well as usual I gave her my best advice, “If only one of you can be on life support, I choose you, Sue…don’t get the car fixed. Buy a new good used one instead.”

   So what does my successful, smart, funny, kind daughter do…she gets the car fixed. Upon reflection I seem to have said too much. I can recall once telling my Son that I was so proud of him and his sister. They always made the right choices. They just got my advice and did the opposite. Go figure, the road to success is directly opposite my best advice, and these two figured it out early, God love them, cause I sure do!

2 responses to “Ask, but follow your Heart…

  1. You speak the truth. Most of the time I call my mother to rant to her, not for her advice. But I do think mothers give the best advice – you’ve been through it all before.

    • Dear Kelly,
      Thanks Kelly, I like to think I’m hitting the nail on the head when it comes to “real life adventures” and Yes, although we Mom’s have been through it, it’s awful nice to have our girls call. It makes us feel like you still need us. We just mistake your sharing for needing. Mom’s always do, because we love you and need you kids. The best to you and your Mom. (sounds like she has a wonderful girl herself!)


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