Potato & Onion Soup

8-10 Medium White Potatoes (peeled and Diced medium)

3  Medium  Onions (diced medium)

1 stick Butter

1 tsp salt

2 cans Condensed Milk

Boil Potatoes and Onions till soft , Drain about half the water in the pot. Add the two cans condensed milk, toss in the stick of butter sliced and just walk away. Cover and let the soup set about 10-15 minutes if you can and serve. Salt and pepper to taste.

2 responses to “Potato & Onion Soup

  1. Laura Grey Stultz

    Do you remember that all I wanted for my 12th birthday was a pot of this soup? The best soup ever!

    • Dear Laura,
      That’s right! I had forgotten just how easy you are to please. I’ve got to tell you that part of you always made me cozy right up to you because I never worried about being judged, I was always welcomed and loved. It’s the ability to take people as they are and still love them seems to be somethings Grey’s specialize in.
      love you

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