Could Volcker be wrong…

Paul Volcker, the 81 year old former chairman of the Federal Reserve and top economic adviser to Obama seems to think that all the Banks the world round should get on the same page when it comes to regulation.

That’s rather like asking all the Foxes in the wild to agree on how to kill and eat a Chicken.

I think we have seen after their repeated attempts to control our economic future that “Banking” is a recipe for “Economic Rape” granted the rape may take some time but given human nature and greed it is certain to occur.

It seems that all the economic advisers of the last 80 years have been wrong. What goes up will come down.

Perhaps we need to base our chances of living with food and utilities and medical on a less volatile idea than the dependence on a Banker being honest and on money being the method of exchange.

 We need a new standard of exchange. Say difficulty of job.

   What if you were guaranteedlife (medical care, utilities, food ) liberty (civil rights ) and the pursuit of happiness (free higher education for all who want it). Rather than a “Sound” Bank that you neither own or helps you in the least. What if the government insured Us instead of the Banks. 

 How could this depression possibly hurt you or your children? It couldn’t. Period. If the government insured Us . No more frozen homeless, no more starved homeless frozen children, no more soup kitchen mentalities. We deserve to live life not at the pleasure of the rich who have arbitrarily saved up enough pieces of the right paper to give them assured access to food, heat and education. Let’s nationalize these; Food, Heat, Communication, and Education.

Let them keep the Banks. Just make them redundant, and worthless through omisson of use. Change the recipe of exchange. Period. 

What a radical idea…Government guaranteed freedom of life, liberty and happiness. 

What if people were paid only according to the  physical and emotional difficulty of the job. The Garbageman,The Mom, The Dad, (yes, these are the toughest chosen jobs in this day and age and should be well paid for) the Police officer, the Doctor, the Nurse would all be in the highest paying professions in the world. The more disagreeable the job the better the pay(ie; housing, utilites,communicatons, food, education) Bankers being thieves like Auto salesmen and Insurance brokers who trade on another well being would be at the bottom of the economic food chain, they would not be permitted to drive the bus ever again.

   All the bankers in the world, all the “Experts”, everyone of them agree this current depression occurred only because of greed. What a surprise. Not only could this have been prevented it was done with complete intent for profit at any price even LIES. With Intent! For years, the “Experts” sold products that didn’t exist, they’re trying to do it again, Don’t belive them again.

So, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Wall Street back together again, that might not be a bad thing.

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