“Your ticket is punched…” Kate

   This was originally my sister Kate’s quote. Years ago,  our Kate moved out to Geneva, a rural paradise about 50 miles east of Cleveland. And during those same turbulent years me and mine did quite a lot of late night moving, In fact that’s why I finally left the kids’ Dad. I got tired of trying to keep up with him. Anyway, these moves almost always entailed redistribution of the latest family pets. The only things I refused to give up were the kids.

   Husbands, dogs, cats, birds, housing, etc…could fend for themselves in the end. the kids were my only treasure. So we would get the notice and I would start to look for another place. Scan the papers and make the plans to relocate the latest family pet into the ” WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM” in Geneva.

   God love Kate, she always came through. Unfortunately, the animals were always seized by that great magnetic field that encompasses State Route 84. I can remember one time in particular when Kate and our cousin Sue and I were discussing this magnetic pull. At that time Kate said, “You know, I believe every cat, dog, person, whatever arrives with a ticket. And that ticket is punched. Like O.K., you get 107 free trips across route 84. After that your ticket is punched. That’s what I love about my sister Kate. She has a firm grip on reality. She understands, and has made me understand also that its not that the Gods are out to get me, it’s just that the ticket is only good for so many rides in this life. That’s O.K., because everybody’s ticket is punched, just different dates. She makes really hard things really funny  and easy to take. That is the treasure of her. 

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