The wait for the left-handed Blonde…

   Or as I like to refer to it, my family on birth control. Say you’re born to a rather large family of very loving people who live in denial. Where does that get you?

   Well, even if you were the seventh, out of nine, no one would ever say you weren’t wanted. Maybe there is a positive side to this denial thing, even if you were the sixth girl out of seven children, all that would be said is “Wow, how nice, we finally have a left-handed Blonde!”.  

   Denial, it can be a wonderful thing, what we call denial, used to be called life. Or a stiff upper lip, chutzpah, whatever. It’s knowing the score but not really caring.

   Now “Society” wants us to face our problems head on, no more “denial”.  No more hiding behind bad habits IE; Sex, Drinking, Smoking even Food has become a thingwe must carefully manage and consume so as not to become addicts living in “Denial”.

    So into therapy we go. Determined to stop this living in “Denial”. Here in therapy they say, trust in a higher power… take a course on miracles…do not permit negative thinking, stay positive, think happy thoughts.

   Isn’t this where we started, believing in things…taking them on Faith.

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