The Inheritance…

   My kids have always known, it’s just like my sister Kate says,”Whoever gets to the couch cushions first, is my designated heir.” It’s not quite like Queen Elizabeth or Charles or even Prince Willy. There is a clear understanding I am leaving nothing material behind. But I will leave a treasure of compassion and understanding and humor that will stand them in good stead.

   For my children will always know how I love them, how I like them and that they are my only treasure that mattered any way. When they were little I would try to tell them that they were more precious to me than the Sun and the Stars, more precious than any material thing I could ever have. In doing this, they realized the truth about their own value, that it truly is above the stars. They also learned the only valuable thing on the face of this earth is what can be built between two people, that bridge of laughter, compassion, love and humor. These are the legacy I’ll leave to my children.

    And more wondous souls than my children, you’ll never meet.

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